Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning

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During this next moon cycle you may see quite a bit of chaos and confusion in the world, the martyr element is amplified in Pisces. Individuals who are willing to sacrifice their life for a cause will hook into this vibration. Pain and suffering of innocent victims can whisk across the news media screen. Understanding the importance of being willing to stand up for what is right and just in spite of what it might cost you is the higher level of Pisces martyr.

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Getting caught in the pain of the unfairness of life will only bring more hurt. More info for a solar return reading here. Embrace your spiritual path. Let go and release the past hurts and grievances. Honor water, take a bath; appreciate showers. Help someone out- especially if they never know it.

Listen to music, watch movies that inspire. Connect with your creative side- we all have one. Appreciate your feet- get a foot massage. Speak up for those who need help and can't help themselves. Take a stand against crimes against humanity- say a prayer, voice your opinion, help in any fashion that feels right to you. Practice heart centered meditations that expand compassion for all beings. The psychic and intuitive realm is more open now. Solar Eclipses are powerful new moons. When the solar eclipse is the same degree as your Sun, Moon or Venus you can expect something significant to happen, depending on what house that planet rules.

In general for your Sun, your job, if it is conjunct or opposite your Moon, your body, or home life, if the solar eclipse or Lunar is conjunct or opposite your Venus, your love life. If you want to understand the solar eclipse astrology predictions for you chart look to see if the eclipse is square your Planets as that will have an impact for you too.

Solar Eclipses The Astrology Impact

The eclipses are activated for 6 months, from eclipse cycle to eclipse cycle. Depending on what else is going on in your personal chart and transits the timing can happen the week of the eclipse or in the months before or after. Historical events and Solar eclipses. Solar Eclipse Astrology March 20 Solar Eclipse Astrology Effects How to know if a solar eclipse will be something positive or negative in your life. Solar eclipse to your Venus: Relationship and love life heats up. Solar eclipse to your Mars: Activation of motivation- time to take action.

Full Moon eclipse: A massive change to do with money is coming in the next six months. If you have been working hard to progress financially, you could be about to turn a corner. Work with the eclipse by believing in yourself and what you have to offer. New Moon eclipse: Anything to do with travel, study, adventure, teaching and publishing is well-starred now. Success awaits, even if it eluded you in the past. Being optimistic is the key, so expect good things. Full Moon eclipse: This eclipse in Leo is an important message to you from the heavens that you need to change your life in some major way.

The first idea that springs to mind is most likely where you need to start. Switch off a bit, for the sake of your mental health. Full Moon eclipse: As usual, you have been helping everyone to the point that you start to feel run ragged.

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Strike a balance between all the things you have to do versus your need for some zen. Working hard comes naturally to you. New Moon eclipse: This is taking place in a super-sensitive part of your chart — your relationship zone. How it plays out depends on the state of your closest relationships.

Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 12222

For some, a dream comes true. Full Moon eclipse: This eclipse could bring up tricky issues with a friend. Deal with them! Potentially, a very social six months lies ahead. New Moon eclipse: Your daily routines are about to change. Tweak them for the good of your mental and physical health. For some, a new job or responsibilities beckon.

Lunar Eclipse Local Timings

Full Moon eclipse: Expect intense feelings connected to your professional life, your desire to change your job or indeed to find a new job. A professional project may pay off now. You can expect some glory for all your hard work and efforts. Enjoy yourself, get back in touch with your inner child or your actual child. Allow time for creative pursuits.

The best possible outcome is that you realise your life is on track after all. New Moon eclipse: Changes at home or to do with family are forecast. If you want to move house or even move to a different town or country the eclipse will help you. Now is a good time to heal a family rift.


Full Moon eclipse: There are financial changes afoot for you now as the eclipse straddles both money zones in your horoscope. Move on from the past and you can prosper financially. This eclipse also suggests the end of a cycle in your sex life. New Moon eclipse: Expect a busy six months with plenty of places to go and people to see. A new start is possible with a sibling or neighbour.

Full Moon eclipse: There is a rare chance for change in your most important relationships. If things have been difficult lately, commit to starting a new cycle. New Moon eclipse: This eclipse is taking place in your cash zone. The more you believe in yourself, the more money you are likely to attract.

Try to avoid financial dependency. Full Moon eclipse: Taking time out for the good of your soul is always a good idea, but you still have so much you have to stay on top of. Hibernate a bit if you need to, but attend to your responsibilities and keep yourself in good physical shape. New Moon eclipse: A big change in the next six months is possible. Make it happen!

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    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning
    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning
    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning
    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning
    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning
    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning
    solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning Solar eclipse february 11 2020 astrology meaning

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