Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers


I hope that she becomes a new president in this year when the citizens re-consider about Trump becoming president. But, my wish might not come true!

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I very adore her! It seems to more of A mental health issue. He will become increasingly agoraphobic withdrawing to the Trump residences. Increasingly and necessarily States will become self-governing as well as small independent communities.

Could this have been what you foresaw? I continually see internal conflict in China. Notably a conflict between young workers and corrupt wealthy political entities. Internal strife and riots. Also a conflict regarding military actions. Is there is any chance of war between North Korea and America in I read your prediction about Kim Jong-un. If war happens what is the outcome. Can we expect the united Korea.

Watch his video about donald trump should answer your question as he says he does not see trump starting ww3 and he also sees north Korea leader dieing.

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Please may you try do something on South Africa. We are in serious trouble. Please I will appreciate your time and effort. Hi Craig I was just wondering what are your feelings now about a possible war between USA and Russia after the 59 tomahawk missiles fired at Syria air base could this be the start of ww3. By the way I am very interested in your predictions they are very scary to be honest with a really high percentage correct. You were actually correct about a dam that might burst.

That has actually been in world news just last week about concerns over a large dam in the US. You have said in the comment section of this website that the earth will go for many millennia.

Prediction on: - Future of Imran Khan and Pakistan by Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma (17/08/2019)

Please, could you clarify this matter? This is something I am writing about for my next book. I am still bringing together all the information I can find. There are some clues in the Naadis about the potential age of the earth and life on other planets. Have you heard about this pepper spray attack at the Hamburg Airport injuring 68 people? Hi Craig, your predictions are very interesting. I really enjoy your honest reviews on your own predictions. Anything you see for South Africa?

Mother Earth is now in greatest distress because of the exploding population explosion which is greatly ignored by the governments. As you are aware we all have our free wills. Some countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine have all run out of space and many countries are encroaching on valuable farm lands.

Added to this is enchroaching and expanding deserts and valuable coastal lands overtaken by encroaching sea waters because of global warming. Added to this is massive droughts and floods. You, Dear Sir, spend a lot of time in India and are very familiar with Karma, nemisis, faith, yogamaya, samskara — Every action has an equal reaction. Now is Payback time. You all are going to be trashed severally. This is a grim warning. Dear sir I am from Pakistan.

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In I saw a dream of Pakistan and India going to war. But it is not happened yet. And I saw a nuclear blast on USA. What do you thin about it? Could this will happen or not? Maybe what you saw is symbolic of what many countries want for the USA. Putin is far too intelligent to start a nuclear war in response to NATO gathering forces along his border. The US is the aggressor but always make it appear that other countries are. That is how they keep fooling their people to allow their government to bomb so many countries until they are a waste-land: Vietnam, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

Pakistan to be wiped from the face of earth next year? | Webdunia English

The US is a toxic country to most of the world, and their Deep State is trying to get rid of Donald Trump because he wants peace. Update post MOAB. He is now happy to drop bombs while talking about chocolate cake. The Mayan prophecies are quite correct; it is that we expected an immediate change to occur when it is going to be gradual. Considering that the new age is based on the feminine, all changes will be passive; at times that passive that these changes are going to be quite unnoticeable to many people at first.

The people who notice these consciousness changes will lead the world towards and through this conscious change.

I read your predictions and I am very impressed. What do you think? Hi Craig — I have recently purchased your book and it is lovely to read about your experiences in India. A quick question — does it not impede your spiritual pursuits if you make such predictions and people use your insights for material gain? Do you ever feel that it would be better to internalize your energies? Or is it the case that it is your destiny to spread what you see? They would increasingly realize during the changeover period that scriptures of all world faiths had been manifested by same One God in different parts of world from time to time.

Better understanding of major faiths shall occur, as per my information, amidst a reverse trend of conflicts in name of religious faiths, but the former would finally win. The Iranian people are very unhappy and forecasts for the future of Iran?

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All are frustrated and sick or unemployed. Is there a way out for them in the future? I believe it will take a mass sickness to unite many people who are divided. Then Love and Peace wilL start to build and bring a higher consciousness. Not sure if anyone has pointed out to you but new scanning results on Egyptian Pyramids were released in mid I want to ask for any information or predictions you may have about the Baltic states and countries in and the future.

Indian astrologer's tweets about Pakistan: RAW might be handling twitter handle

Here we are all very concerned about Europe. It was very interesting to hear what you had to say about the New Year. How do you see the future for people who work as healers, medium and clairvoyant in the coming years? This I think many would be interested to hear about since this group is not recognized today. Would it be possible to get a prediction about this group of workers?

I am making most of my predictions on YouTube lately. People looking for new predictions about other countries may be best looking there and commenting here. Interestingly sadly , the gunman that killed many in the Orlando night club had reported plans to go to Disney but decided upon the night club instead. Could you please give us some insights. We see the world as we are not as the world is and if you look only for the bad that is what you will find, myself I have yet to read in a newspaper the billion random acts of kindness that take place every day because it never makes the newspapers.

So ask yourself is no news good news. USA hit by tornado storm or plasma storm? I think this is the year it happens since Ft Mack burned last year. Part of a timeline I saw.

Pakistan suspects India’s hand in terror attack after Indian astrologer’s prediction comes true

Hello from Egypt. I wonder what you have for our country. Is it true General Alsisi will be murdered?! Will MBs and radical Islamist continue their terror attacks on civilians? Is this going to an end in the near future? And one more thing, what are the chances of Gamal Mubarak to be a future president of Egypt? I am not making predictions to order. I just have to give what comes to me in meditation. If something is shown to me about Egypt I will of course share it. You were partly right about the US economy improving in Well, he, trump won….

Some predictions state he will have to resign due to health issues? The world is a mess, and us humans are wrecking it. I look at the world, see how exotic and beautiful it is. I agree with Craig. Marine is drawing massive crowds everywhere she speaks and is encouraging real French patriotism, something Hollande has not done.

predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers
predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers Predictions about pakistan by indian astrologers

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