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Perhaps, astrologically speaking this is why he has pursued a career in Astrology and Face Reading. But this also has a lot to do with his early upbringing.

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Dadhichi was born of immigrant parents. His mother was Maltese and his father a Hungarian gypsy.

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Both were avid followers of the esoteric arts and Dadhichi's father was able to give impromptu palm readings and astrological insights to anyone he would meet. Dadhichi's earliest memories of what may have had an environmental or social influence on his interest in Astrology were his early school years when his mother would read him bedtime stories. Unlike most children of primary school age, he recalls how his mother would lull him to sleep reading Linda Goodman's Sun Signs.

Dadhichi slowly developed an interest in people through his many contacts and seriously started studying the deeper side of Astrology and Eastern philosophy by the time he was eighteen.

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Since then Dadhichi has actively sought to share his understanding of the principles of Vedic Astrology into which he has been initiated in India under strict guidelines and has since lectured to the Australian Federation of Astrologers, Sydney Astrological Research Society and other esoteric fraternities. Corporate and diplomatic leaders now consult him here and overseas.

He is now a published author and his astrology books will be available in Australia, New Zealand and France from September He enjoys his regular segments with Kerri-Anne on Channel 9 on which he is able to share many of his insights into Physiognomy - that is, reading human character and destiny through the features and nuances of the face.

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He says that many people want to understand life and relationships but Astrology is a daunting process so face reading is a laymen's way of gaining a quick and simple snapshot into one's self and character. Dadhichi continues his research into Astrology and has been noted for some uncanny predictions including the dates of the Canberra bushfires, certain unexpected earthquakes and also the deaths and developments of certain world political figures.


Dadhichi is also interested in the remedial side of Astrology in which Astrology can be used to assist people in overcoming their negative emotional patterns. No customer reviews.

If you want to take your interest a bit deeper you can also have a free Astrological insight report sent to you for free. The site has plenty of features. It offers daily, weekly, love, wellness, chinese horoscopes plus tarot readers, access to physics and draw up your love, career and wellness chart.

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Most of the videos are by star presenter Dadhichi Toth. Psychic Readings by genuine psychics is the headline. The site offer free daily and weekly horoscopes.

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But like most others also offers additional services for a fee. Your Love horoscope and tarot readings. Lifereader offers a free daily and daily general horoscope and if you want to take your interest in astrology to a deeper level there are quite a few professional astrologers you can consult, for a price.

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  4. For decades newspaper were the number one source for most things, news, sports but also astrology. Unlike the news and other sections of the paper access to the daily horoscope is often open and free.

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    Our example is from the Sydney Morning Herald. Detailed horoscopes and numerology predictions. They also offer access to psychics, for a fee.

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