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If you are planning to attract this guy, then be patient as it takes him quite a long time to fall in love. However, the result could be completely worth it. Presented by the fortune teller of United21, below are two basic signs helping you realize signs that a Cancerian is in love with you:. To a man, friends are some of the most important people in their life. Therefore, when the Cancer guy introduces you to his friends, he wants to make a big claim — you are the potential mate whom he thinks he can share his future with.

Only when being with his close friends, Cancer can be his true self loud, dorky, obnoxious, etc. He may be shy and retiring normally; nevertheless, when it comes to his feelings and love, Cancer man will not hesitate to let you know through his actions. By doing that, he is able to straightforward with his emotions for you. The Cancer guy often prepares different romantic gestures or things, like giving you flowers and chocolates, taking you out for simple dates, etc.

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Protective is one of prominent Cancer man traits in love. Naturally, he is the man of family. Once he gets involved in a romantic relationship, he will become a caretaker and protector for the woman he loves. This good trait makes the Cancer male an ideal husband and father. Whether you need his protection or not, he will always be next to you and assure no one can hurt you emotionally or physically.

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If having a Cancerian as your partner, consider yourself lucky as he will love you, care for you, and make you feel safe. He will be willing to lend you a shoulder, listen to your crazy stories at work, cook for you, and give you a relaxing massage. He does a very good job of catering for you as this is one of his top priorities. When a guy feels happy and delightful around a woman, he then will think about investing his feelings to her.

If a Cancer male likes you truly, he will dedicate his personal time to stay with you. As a shy person, he only wants to reserve his precious time with his family, friends, and life partner. If he has sentiments for someone special, he will actually try his best to make her smile even when he is quite terrible at telling jokes. If he keeps teasing you, this means he is waiting for you to tease him back. You will never have a dull moment as this man will joke and tease until you laugh. If you want a Cancer man to invest in a long-term partnership, both of you must create the emotional intimacy.

Incredibly sensitive and afraid of being rejected, he finds it hard to fall in love immediately. He starts opening up to you by making conversations that focuses more on an emotional level. When he tells you about his dreams and future, this means he trusts you and sees you as a potential partner. When a Cancer man in love, he will turn into a needy and possessive individual. The moment seeing you with other guys, he will surely get jealous. However, even he cannot realize his jealousy acts towards his partner. Putting his heart on his sleeves, he is the type that seems to be very attached to his loved one as soon as both start the romantic relationship.

He will think of you all the time; therefore, be prepared to be showered with a lot of affection once you two are together. If a Cancer man is falling in love with you, his eyes will speak more than words and action. This is totally true! Like other men, the Cancerian male is also the visual creature.

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Hence, if a guy does nothing but stare at you, the sure thing is — he gets hooked already. Be rest-assured when Cancer man has his eyes only for you. Loyal and faithful, he is the one-woman man. Introducing you to his parents and relatives is a big hint he wants to take the current relationship to the next level. He can be imperfect but his own family must be more than perfect.

Cancer Men

He will never invite someone having no potential with him to his mother. So, if you hear about him planning a day out for you to meet his parents, tell yourself that he really wants to have you in his future. If he wants you to spend more time with his mother, then you know that he is ready for the relationship commitment. If you think this guy takes love lightly, you are completely wrong. He is, in fact, very serious once finding the true mate of his life. He will never play games with you and expect the same in return. When getting involved in a romance with the Cancer male, this person will do anything to keep you safe from being hurt.

Now that Jupiter is direct, you have newfound clarity on who you are and what you want. No matter how sneaky you think you are, you sexy side-stepping crab, secrets never stay buried.

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It's time to be honest with yourself and those around you so you can exist in one world, not several. You wouldn't be you without your shell. It grounds you, protects you, and not only do you know how to make money, you also know how to save it, which isn't always true for water signs. You have the potential to build a grand life filled with material security to share with your lovers, friends, and community.

The people who love you know that being a bit guarded is crucial to who you are, but it's time to be honest with everyone about who that person is so you can lighten up and enjoy life. On this same day, communication planet Mercury enters fierce Leo, and this transit will give you courage. Additionally, innovative planet Uranus goes retrograde, and it may feel like you've pulled the Tower card in the tarot , which represents destined events and revelations that are out of our control. The image of the Tower is a lightning bolt striking a building. If you haven't been honest with your loved ones about what you need and who you are, an event may occur that goes ahead and does it for you.

August asks Cancers to build bridges — rather than walls — between your worlds. The secret is that you're extraordinarily awesome, and your loved ones are going to accept you. The only person filled with worries and judgment about you is you. It's time to drop the shame and share your character with all of the world.

Cancer man

Cancers are exceptional creatives, and on Thursday, August 15 , a full moon in unconventional Aquarius asks you to share your ideas and art. Whenever he seems depressed, approach him and shower him with your care. He will appreciate a lot if you can entrust him with your secret. When it comes to respecting your privacy, Cancer man ranks first on the list. He can immediately have a crush on someone who has a sense of innocence of themselves.

Finding and Keeping a Cancer Man

Rather than expressing his emotions out, he chooses to invest in a person that can handle his protection. Then you need to stop acting flirting when being with him. This guy is, in a relationship, always looking for emotional security and trust on the highest level. He hates spending time with someone that keeps making him put his possessive and jealous side on view.

Taking care of the appearance is one of things Cancer man likes in a woman. He is the person of deep emotional needs and fertile imagination. Because of that, he really wants to feel the love and care from his partner clearly. When you two have conflicts, he hopes that you can understand his moods and anxieties. He is the kind of man that will retreat to his shell and come back once feeling safe when being misunderstood. Your love interest is truly emotional; hence, he will get frustrated if staying with a woman who shows no sensitivity towards his feelings and sentiments. Keep in mind that he yearns to be loved and pampered.

Not only Cancer men, but all men admit that a woman is not sexy when she is angry. You must know that your Cancer man is very sensitive — he will instantly retreat into his shell once you show your anger or criticism towards his feelings. If you are too difficult to him, he finds it hard to open up to you. If the Cancer male is around a lady who keeps thinking that she is way better than him, he will surely not make the next move.

As I already said, Cancer man looks for a woman having a touch of innocence and feminine. He is quite reserved; thus, a girl who seems to have gone through all ups and downs in life may not arouse his protection instinct. Moreover, he is not a deep person — this leads to the incomprehensibility of his own when his partner shares her point of view passionately. Overall, these are noticeable signs of how to know if a Cancer man is interested in you. As you probably know, the man discussed here is very passionate and loyal.

Because of that, you should not think of taking him for granted or you will never have the heart of a male Cancerian…ever. Making him to notice you may be difficult at first as he is a bit of the introvert type. Nonetheless, love is always worth to try. In general, you can be an independent woman in any where. But when being around this sensitive guy, I advise you to show your weak side. He becomes a caretaker and a protector in a romantic relationship, so a damsel in distress will give him the feeling of being needed. Innocence and sweetness of a lady are two vibes that can draw him easily. Additionally, it will be a bonus if you display your vulnerable side to him. Laura started the writing career in and began writing horoscope in Currently, she has joined the United21 for the Horoscope and Love Life categories. When not doing her work, Laura enjoys all forms of outdoor activities with her husband and two lovely kids. Although every article on Cancer men likes and dislikes say the same thing…I somehow have never seen any of this happen in my case.

cancer men horoscope Cancer men horoscope
cancer men horoscope Cancer men horoscope
cancer men horoscope Cancer men horoscope
cancer men horoscope Cancer men horoscope
cancer men horoscope Cancer men horoscope

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