Cauac march astrology

Mayan Day Sign Cauac

He was the vision-serpent itself that shamans sought as a portal to the other-worlds of the gods. Kawil strikes the shamans with his lightning-bolt-hatchet right in the middle of their foreheads, symbolizing a new consciousness. This Thursday, March 6, , is 2 Ahau, a day of dichotomy, of being half-complete. We collectively claim our true birthright as Sovereign Beings of Light.

Mayan Astrology

Being of the Light is a choice that sets us free. East and West met long ago; now we must choose to unify. Energetic, busy, nervous, clever and playful. Intelligent, but somewhat paranoid. Likes to fight. Emotional, imaginative, psychic, romantic. Dominates others easily by projecting strong feelings. Cooperative, consistent, loyal, helpful. Attention getting, artistic, clever, demonstrative.

Mayan Horoscope: Storm

Multiple interests, communicative and curious. Relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. Also sensitive, touchy and easily hurt. Ambitious and hard-working. Popular, knowledgeable, accomplished, competent. Crusader for principles. Takes on challenges.

Secretive, sensitive, intelligent, psychic. Concerned with spirituality. Aggressive but avoids direct confrontations.

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Independent, ambitious and escapist. Scientific, Technical, critical, exacting. Has unique ideas about life. Serious, wise, realistic, pragmatic. Hardened to life, status conscious. Very high standards. Mentally active, rationalizing, clever, practical. Liberal, progressive, controversial. Strong convictions. Practical, Social, struggles with relationship. Self-sacrificing, suppresses anger. Youthful, restless, friendly, helpful. Multi faceted. Loving, devoted, artistic, dreamy and romantic. Socially awkward but well-intentioned.

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While the calendar may have a bit of a bad rep due to the modern pundits who misinterpreted its predictions for , the reality is that it is incredibly relevant and accurate even today. What follows are the characteristics of each of the 18 Zodiac signs as opposed to our 12 that exist according to the Mayans. According to Mayan astrology, those who fall under this sign are night owls who are most productive between 9pm and 4am. Around this time, such individuals experience bursts of creativity and imagination. Appropriately, symbols pertaining to the night time hold strong meaning for those who fall under Chicchan.

Those who fall under the Ix sign are naturally loving, open and giving.

Storm Character by Mayan Horoscope

They are always ready to help others and vehemently hate confrontation. The Ix personality is one that seeks out peaceful calm. Such individuals are experts at reasoning and de-escalating their way through conflicts. The Cauac Zodiac symbol is characterized by an ability to get up and go.

Individuals who fall under it possess a unique confidence that makes it easy for them to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace risks. Such individuals are early risers who benefit from going to the gym and running errands early in the day, often before the sun is even up. The key characteristic associated with Kan is peacefulness. Those who fall under this sign are professionals at instilling unity and tranquility within groups — be it with their colleagues or with friends and loved ones.

At the same time, those who fall under Kan are not ones to be taken advantage of. To the contrary, they will stand up for themselves and what they believe is right. Those who fall under the Manik sign tend to be confusing to those around them. This is because they have less defined personality traits and are more inclined to be secretive.

They very rarely tell or show others how they truly feel, which keeps acquaintances guessing.

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